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Written by Veneficus Grieg


The purpose of this guide is to provide a general introductory through advanced overview of Charm solo'n tactics. While this guide makes references to higher level spells in many cases, the majority of basic tactics can be applied for all levels of charming.

Show me the Money!

Before you begin trolling through this whole guide and start to nod off before even getting through the "technical stuff", I'll start off with the tricks/tactics to use when Charm solo'n:

When possible (some mobs will be immune), root what your charmed pet is fighting. If/when a charm break occurs you only want to have to worry about dealing with the re-charm, not practice for the "Running of the Bulls" festival.
If the time does come when you have to “Run with the Bulls”, make sure you have up Spirit of the Wolf just in case and know whether or not the mob you're fighting runs faster than you.
Slow it. If you're planning on having your pet stick around longer than 2-3 fights, slow the mob its fighting. If mana cost is too intensive, use a lower level slow. Using with the root tactic is a nice combo.
Extended Range and Detrimental Spell Haste items. Extended range items are great for when you're charm solo'n in wide open areas by giving you extra time for re charming by allowing you to cast sooner. Detrimental Spell haste items are great for both close quarters and wide open areas.
When fighting mobs below level 55, Mesmerization is an awesome way of locking a charm broken pet down. It wears off in 30 seconds and gives you plenty of time to re tash and charm.
Haste your pet. If you like to live dangerously, hasting your pet will help him finish off mobs a lot faster. Just be wary when you get that charm break.
Blur for full experience. When you just don't feel like sharing the experience spoils with your pet, wait till the mob is low. Back your pet off while keeping the mob is rooted. Mem blur till you get the emote (identifiable by an emote or NPC saying text like "Eeeeeeek"), then nuke it dead for full experience.
Use the terrain. Run mobs over canyons, and use the terrain to buy you extra time for that re charm. The mob has to run farther to go up and down the hill when you can just run straight across.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty details for you in depth readers out there who have nothing better to do for the next 8-15 minutes.

The Charm Line
In the high level zones, the PoP spell lineup (lvl 61+) given to chanters is extremely powerful for charm soloing. The key spells being Arcane Rune, Word of Morrell, and our new Charms. The selection in the lower level spells for charming are a little more limited, but still effective.

It is important to be aware of the casting time, your level limits, and in special cases the duration, of the Charm spell being used. From the following list you should be able to find the charm spell currently in your range and select the appropriate one for the level of mobs that you will be charming:

Charm (Up to Level 12) - *Brainwashing 101*
Casting Time: 2.4 Seconds
Duration: 4.6 min (@ Level 12) to 20.5 min (@ Level 65)

Beguile (Up to Level 37) - *Look into my eyes…*
Casting Time: 3.5 Seconds
Duration: 8.2 min (@ Level 24) to 20.5 min (@ Level 65)

Cajoling Whispers (Up to Level 45) - *That was just what we call pillow talk baby*
Casting Time: 5.5 Seconds
Duration: 12.7 min (@ Level 39) to 20.5 min (@ Level 65)

Allure (Up to Level 51) - *Oooo sparkly..*
Casting Time: 6 Seconds
Duration: 15.7 min (@ Level 49) to 20.5 min (@ Level 65)

Boltarn's Agacerie (Up to Level 53) - *Lemme buy you a drink and try some of Boltran's pickup lines*
Casting Time: 4 Seconds
Duration: 6.3 min (@ Level 53) to 7.5 min (@ Level 65)

Dictate (Up to Level 58) - *48 Seconds on the Soapbox remaining before the rotten tomatoes incoming*
Casting Time: 2.4 Seconds
Duration: 48 Seconds Fixed

Beckon (Up to Level 57) - *Mmmmmm Duff beer..*
Casting Time: 2.4 Seconds
Duration: 7.2 min (@ Level 62) to 7.5 min (@ Level 65)

Command of Druzzil (Up to Level 63) - *”Get in the kitchen and make me some PIE!"*
Casting Time: 2.4 Seconds
Duration: 7.4 min (@ Level 64) to 7.5 min (@ Level 65)

Many Enchanters wonder about the why the fixed duration Dictate spell was even added. While the situations for its use are very limited, there are a few places this spell can be useful. The most noteworthy is Kael. The high level giants (55+) there are immune to all forms of Mez, but are still flagged as charmable. Dictate can be used in this situation as a 48 second crowd control spell. However, this spell outlived its usefulness back during Scars of Velious, and with the addition of the newer high level charms it has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Though, “Frozen Moses” and Sirran the Lunatic owned many a mob for the resourceful and daring back in the days of Velious. Ahhhh the memories of solo farming Shields' of the Void! But I digress, back to the guide. /wave Salidor

Spell Lineup - Your "Weapon of Choice"

The Alternate Advancement abilities that help most when Charm solo'n are:

Total Domination (2/4/6) - Longer lasting charms
Eldritch Rune (2/2/2) - Emergency Rune
Channeling Focus (2/4/6) - Regain casting on charm/slow/rune/mez when getting beat
Combat Agility/Lightning Reflexes (2/4/6) (3/3/3/3/3)
- Chance to dodges an attack completely

For a detailed description and breakdown of the mechanics of Total Domination and the effect of Charisma, see the High Level Raid Guide in the Strategies Section on the Level 50-65 page.

A general and effective spell lineup I've used all the way from level 16 to 65 when solo'n was as follows:

1. Command of Druzzil (Or any Charm)
2. Bliss (Or Level appropriate Mez)
2. Insanity (Or any DD)
4. Word of Morrell (Or Color Stun line)
5. Free Slot (Arcane Rune, Mesmerization, Gate, Pacification, Haste, Fear, etc)
6. Greater Fetter (Or any root)
7. Forlorn Deeds (Or any Slow)
8. Howl of Tashan (Or any Tash)

I've tried to keep this spell lineup as generic as possible so that it's pretty self-explanatory. You should be able determine what to plug-and-play depending on the level/spells of your Enchanter. The remaining part of this section gives the reasoning behind each choice in the spell lineup.

1. Command of Druzzil, or any charm. Typically your highest level charm, but be aware that the casting time of some charms can be extremely slow.

2. Bliss, or any mezmerize is always a must. Adds can happen even when we're solo'n, and its best to be prepared with appropriate mez to cover the highest level mobs in that area/zone.

3. Insanity, or any direct damage spell. With recent changes to charm experience if your pet does the majority of the damage it will receive that much more of the reward. Tossing in a nuke at the beginning and letting the pet do the rest will net you a decent enough reward considering the speed at which the mob will die. Plus you can finish off your pet at the end for full experience once its low enough.

4. Word of Morrell, or a fast casting Color line stun. When breaks do happen, in close quarter situations a stun is typically the best means of regaining control of your pet. For higher level mobs, Word of Morrell needs to be used as the Color Stun cap is 53.

5. Free slot. This is your flexible slot, that can be filled with whichever spell you feel might be useful. Mesmerization is a great spell to use if the mobs you're charming are < level 55. The reason is because you can Mez your old pet on a break, and have 30 seconds to regain control. Arcane rune is a must for high level zones. Recasting it after a charm break if you were hit. This will give you a 1500 hp buffer on mobs that can take it down in a matter of seconds when your WoM is interrupted.

6. Greater Fetter, or any root. This is something many enchanters will want up (faster casting is typically better). In my case I use the Immobilize Ring from VT to give me a free spell slot.

7. Forlorn Deeds, or any slow. When you want your pet to “go the distance” against higher level mobs, this is a must. Not only does it prevent your pet from taking damage, but if the mob ever gets lose, your pet dies, or the unexpected happens, you spend less time flinching from hits.

8. Howl of Tashan, or any tash. Charm breaks are based off of a check against magic and your level. The lower your Pet's magic resistance is de buffed, generally the longer your charms will last. With recent changes to many mobs this should be the first spell you stick before charming.

The Solo Artist formerly known as “Elder Phantasamist”

So now onto some key things every Solo Artist should consider when getting ready to start wracking in the ph4t l3wtz and Exp! No, learning l33t speak is not one of them.

Know the Zone Layout
Learn the terrain you'll be fighting on. Always try to choose an area relatively free of roaming mobs to pull pets back to and set to guard. Use the Z-AXIS to your advantage! Not talking about exploiting, but a mob that has to run down a hill while you levitate across has to cover that much more ground before getting to you, this adds more buffer time for casting spells.

Choosing the Right Pet
Knowing what to charm and what to leave alone it critical when dealing with hard hitting high level. This comes from testing (with Gate spell up!). Tash a mob, or dmg it, test to see if it summons. If "You will not evade me Solo Artist!" message comes up, get off a mez ,and gate out. If not, you possibly have a good charm candidate. Further test things out using root/snares. This information is critical when choosing a good high level pet. Also be aware of any proc that the mob may have, this can serve as a great taunt.

Choosing the Right Fight
Once again, it's important that you know the mob you're fighting. Its possible to take down summoning mobs with a pet, but be aware when charm breaks that you'll be summoned and have to deal with 2 angry NPCs. Time your WoM spell right so that you get a stun on both before attempting to recast on your pet and pray for no resists.

The Pull
Usually I lead off with Forlorn Deeds (or equivalent slow). A cool high level trick is to use Boggle on a pull. That will put you at -500 hate, then you can send your pet in, land de buffs without much worry of having aggro on yourself for long. Unless you know a target has higher than normal MR, slow can be a good leadoff spell. After the slow lands or is resisted, root the mob and send in the pet. If you got a resist, keep root on and try to slow again.

In some cases if the mobs you're fighting are unsnarable/rootable then you'll defiantly want to lead off with Forlon since the pet will taunt it off you faster than if you Tash + Forlorn. In this case of a resist, wait for your pet to engage for awhile then land a tash and slow. It'll cost your pet some hp but better his than yours.

The Charm Break
When that "Your Charm has worn off" message comes up, be ready with your WoM or Color stun spell if you're in close quarters. Wait till the mob is almost in range to begin casting so that right before his first hit lands on you. Move back a little ways and re-charm. Hopefully the mob your pet was on is still rooted and you've been recasting after each "root has worn off" message.

If you're in a wide open area, take your time to run out of range and recast your charm. Also, if fighting lower level mobs (< Level 55) using Mesmerization to buy yourself 30 seconds to re tash and charm is a great strategy.

For the Brave and Bold
Once you become used to dealing with pets and have the timing for charm breaks down, its time to add "enhancements". Typically I use Epic Haste on my pet since its mana free, in order to speed up his kill time. If you don't have a mana free haste, just use your Free Spell slot to change in and out an appropriate haste.

After the Fight
Now that you've gained that little boost to your exp bar from your recent victory, its time to decide what to do with your pet. Typically when it's fighting a slowed mob it will have a considerable amount of hp left and will be able to kill multiple mobs before you want to finish it off Chanter style (make em work for us, then give em the axe for another exp boost). In which case you can go do another pull. Managing pet hp is another thing which takes time, especially when fighting high level mobs that enrage. Watch closely to your pets health, when it gets down to about 20% its time to back him off, wait for enrage to end before sending him back in. Then after that, break charm with a dispel, and then kill with your nukes.

In Closing
Since this not a Zone Strategy but more of a guide rather, I'll leave it up to you to test out which make the best pets. I'm sure information about charm soloing is posted all over the place, and the basics do apply to the more advanced stuff. Hopefully you've picked up some tips you didn't know before



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