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The Raiding Enchanter Part One

This is an excellent series for enchanters who are reaching the age to start raiding. This is a must read for any enchanter who hopes to raid on a regular basis. Written by Nanyea The Wayward.

Written By Nanyea The Wayward

Not everyone raids, but some enchanters who are up and coming want to get into a raid guild and these are some ideas to help you accomplish that goal.

Run 3 (this is a must to keep up with your raid force, once you have run 3... you'll wonder how you got along without it---great in dungeons too)

Regen 3 (this is questionable in that some say it doesn't matter...but that extra 3 per tick makes a difference with pop dots)

Arch SCM (this will do more for your mana bar then anything else you can buy...get level 3 asap)

Subtlety (get at least 1-2 levels..this will save your life many times over from tashicide etc.. great for groups too)

ND3 (why nd? A lot of higher up guilds want your magelo..and the first thing they look at is your hps..then your AA's.)

MC3 (this is 3 more FT that you will need at the higher end is the prerequisite for gather mana...a real life saver sometimes)

At this point you should get the raid required class AA's (MGB) then work on your pop ones..then come back

When you got time definitely do CA (then lightning reflexes. which totally owns pre-pop mobs) then CS/ID which starts to really shine once you break the 1k AC mark

Channeling focus is a good one to get 1-2 levels in because it allows you to cast while stuff is beating you to a pulp, handy in exp situations also

Everything else in arch is just candy.

Mass group buff (most guilds will require this)
Gather Mana (a real life saver and shows your commitment to improving yourself)
Quick Buff (level 2 + a haste item, or level 3... makes your buffs a lot faster especially if you setup a hotkey and great for arcane rune)

Dire charm and perma illusion are nice...and JCM is good if your doing JC for profit...but PoP ones more important

Eldritch Rune (will save you many times over...use the do ability hotkey/group say to heal you...is very effective)

Total Domination (a lot of smaller guilds rely on the DPS of charmed pets..and this makes you very valuable if you learn to charm)
LR/ID are good once you can afford to get them..they are cheap once you do the pre-reqs
Pet control/animation empathy is nice for occasional DPS but everything else is just candy


1) /alt activate 173
2) /g ~Heal Please~
3) :surrounds herself in Eldritch Runes~

1) /rt (targets whoever sent a tell)
2) /sit off (this should be self explanatory)
3) /cast 4 (or whatever slot you keep haste in)
4) /tt Haste_01 incoming to you (tells the target haste incoming)
5) /rs Haste to Team %T (tells the raid that haste is incoming to soandso's group)

WoM (this is for a few high end encounters..cant say which...but you'll know when you get there)
1) /cas 7 (this happens to be my utility slot)
2) /4 Casting WoM now (or whatever your enchanter channel is mine is default 4)
3) /pause 15 (pause will very slightly depending on the # of chanters in chain)
4) /4 Go Go Nania (or whoever is next in the chain usually by alpha order)

Mezzing named such as Emp mezzing

1) /targ Skzik (if you spell generally the first 5 letters of a named mob you can target them like this.. on longer named that are similar you can do this.. undead_placeholder by using underscore or if you happen to know their mob number typically 01-03 for mobs)

AFKing in Pok or tranquility or bazaar or just passing through

1) /AFK"Coercers don't buff green people"

Important addition
Target Last two targets..

we all know that you can hit tab to target between yourself and last mob yes?

well hit Alt O (opens options)
go to keyboard
select target on the pull down menu
there will be a option called target last two targets..
set this to your Tab key..
then set the toggle myself and target to something else (easier to use f1 to target self)

This will allow you to Mezz multiple targets easier and keep them mezzed...give it a shot

note: there's also a command to send a tell to your target.. either use /tt (insert message here) or cntrl-T then talk to them

Few pointers on apping to a guild...

Be fast and friendly on buffs...and definitely make sure your hotkey sends them a tell...make's that person feel special (also telling the raid makes it look like your doing something)

Make a hotkey for Tash. my default is page 1 slot 2... it auto casts spellgem 1 (which is tash) and sends a message to raid and group say that the target is Tashed (move this to appropriate channel if that's how that guild does debuffs)

No matter what they say..they are looking at how often you die... your commitment to improving yourself through the app process (through AA's, or bazaar loot) you grouping with people and exping them in off time, and how active you seem in raid (hence the messages for buffing Tashing etc)

Be yourself, because if you change suddenly once you get that tag they will notice. Every guild has assholes... but they respect it more if your honest about it.

This means be aggressive. Tash the mobs.. Mezz the mobs.. help slow if the shamans are slacking.. land cripple if there are several enchanters.. don't whine about buffing.. you are a buff class.

The Raiding Enchanter Part 2





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