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The Raiding Enchanter Part Two

Written By Nanyea The Wayward

Preparation and knowledge is the key!!!

If in doubt ask ... first ask your enchanter channel about an encounter if you're not sure what to do.. if they don't know..then ask a raid leader or officer..or someone knowledgeable.

Enchanters really need to understand what's going on and how your contribution reflects on the whole.. not just i need to keep these mobs mez zed for the next 20 mins...but why? How does this effect the raid.. what are the tanks doing, what are the clerics doing, what are the pullers doing (bind sight is great for this) If you have to read spoilers off Graffes or the Safehouse understand the encounter

MAPS! http://maps.eq-toolbox.com/
Don't get lost OTW to a raid.. or when moving in raid.. backspace opens up the map window, turn the height filter off, and use the scroll key in the middle of your mouse to zoom in and out so you know where you are..and use your compass! All raid directions should be given in compass directions or clearly defined

Be on time for raids. if the raid is at 6EST...that means buffs should be happening at 6EST not 6:20 ...not head to the raid zone at 6... there's nothing like sitting around on your thumbs for an hour waiting for peeps to login and move there. if you know your gonna be late, post on your website to let them know, or tell an officer in game "HEY work is running late i wont be on till 7est ok" ... (make sure to include the time zone your in)

EQTRADERS storywindow! http://mboards.eqtraders.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4105 this is a bonus to your guild to help you look up questions about what this or that drop does.

Timers - http://www.eqinterface.com This is IMPORTANT
Its a target window/timer (analog timer) that counts ticks to 60 seconds. great for timing Mezz without having to click anything

Bag 1 (10 slot bag)
1x stack peridots
1x stack peridots
1x stack peridots
1x stack peridots
1x stack peridots
1x stack peridots
1x stack tiny coffins
1x stack pearls
1x stack star rubies
1x stack emeralds

Why carry all these spell components? because your raid needs them.and you need them ( I also carry cats eyes agates for my halo)

Bag 2 (10 slots)
1x stack good food
1x stack good water
1x stack food
1x stack water
1x stack food
1x stack water
enduring breath item
shrink item/potions
corpse locating rod
horse/lizard (even if cheap one for just medding)

Also, have your invisibility, see invis, self invis, enduring breath/leviathan eyes spells on a handy page .. mine are on page 14 (/book 14) and know how to access it. Keep your main spells you use on page 1-4 so they are easy to access.

Spell lineup (Varies on situation)
1) Tash (this should always be up)
2) Bliss/Mezz (this should always be up)
3) Charm/Utility slot (depends if charming is viable in that raid/zone)
4) group haste (this is the most common buff, i always keep it up)
5) arcane rune (or its equivalent for your level)
6) boggle (yes it works. use it ..learn it.. love it, should always be up)
7) Utility (usually a nuke or a de-aggro spell for the clerics or for myself if I'm main tasher)
8) Clarity spell (can be switched out in most situations thankfully because of clarity duration)

Always try to keep your spells in the same slots so you can use the Alt-# to activate them if your blind or need to use them. keep tash on a hotkey as you will probably cast that more then any other spell ever.
Have a hotkey for haste because of the low duration on it and the tendency for tanks to go splat

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