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The Raiding Enchanter - Part 3

Written By Nanyea The Wayward

A good friend of mine recently remarked to me what he thought made an enchanter stand out from the pack. "All great enchanters share one trait, a subtle cockiness in that they can control any situation" Its true, you need to be confident, don't be afraid to think outside the box

On normal pulls boggle the mob first, as soon as the main tank engages it (doesn't matter if it fails or not) Then as soon as spell gems refresh.

For mezzing... wait till MT engages a mob and first heal goes off..then Tash followed immediately by a Mezz. The healers will get first aggro and give you time to both Tash and Mezz

For named.. Visage yourself ...Boggle, then Tash. But do it fast because the quicker slow lands...the better the raids chance to win


On Healing.

For most regular pulls and mobs your clerics should have a /assist mob hotkey for quick heals. if they don't they are messing up. especially if they lock themselves into a CH rotation for clearing trash mobs, then they are just killing you and reducing raid effectiveness.. you must fix this!

Try to get a druid or paladin in your party to be your primary healer ..because their heals are fast and normally they aren't trying to concentrate on a tank to keep him alive

Multiple enchanters/shamans

Should always double up on slows/mezzes to split aggro and increase the chance of an initial land (2 people mezzing the same mob may seem a waste, but its not if it keeps you and a few others alive until its locked down)

be awake on pulls...it only takes one sleepy chanter to wipe a raid =/

On that note..don't wander around.

Camps should be kept tight with everyone shrunk and in a small area to avoid excess aggro, when moving stay close to the rest of the raid and try not to get lost. if you gain aggro. DIE! stand and die. Or Mezz blur then move. Do not train the raid

Make consent hotkey's for all the rogues in your guild..and maybe a few of the monks/SHD too.

Also be prepared to consent the rezz cleric so they can move your corpse to the rebuff station

Mod rods.. should always have one on you in case you die so you can be ready fast to go again

Clarity 2 yourself then med up for KEI/C5


AGRO! Manage it! Shadowknights are the only people, other than maybe Pallies, who can generate it like we can. Do not ping pong.. even if you have to start reducing aggro on Wizzies... ping pong is a great way to get adds and get the MT outta CH range and things go bad from there. more to come!





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