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Enchanters Strat for The Rathe Council

Enchanters Strat for The Rathe Council
Submitted by Nanyea the Wayward


      11(M)       1(M)
    10(N)           2(N)
    9(N)              3(M)
    8(M)           4(N)
      7(N)      5(M)

12 = the northern most middle mob

Initial raid setup: To begin, we setup a CoH from the zone in to the Rathe council spot. From there, after forming the raid, the enchanters will set up at the cubby across the river from the Rathe platform. There are 6 mezzable councilmen, and 6 non-mezzable one's. In the chart above, (M) stands for mezzable, (N) for non-mezzable. Each offtank/mezztank group must consist of 1 warrior, 1 cleric, 1 druid, and 1 snarer. If enough paladins show up, we are hoping to have 1 paladin in each group to cure the curse that hits from each council member.

The pull: Monks, SK's, and bards will be assigned to begin the pull. We start by pulling the mezzable one's first. Monks will begin by targeting the first mezzable. All SK's & bards will assist off the monk to get the target for the mezzable mob. Monks will pull the entire council North, South, or West, and a bard will HoS the mezzable mob & then fade it off. The SK's will then snare the mezzable mob, and FD. Once the other council members are reset back on the platform, a puller will agro the snared councilman & bring it back to the raid. The raid will take the mob down to 10%, and then the MT and a ranger will take it down to 2-3% and take it to the enchanters where it will be locked down in mezz. A paladin will stay back with the enchanters to make sure to keep them healed, and to also stun the mezzables into a nice tight position. A bard will continually cast AE slow on the mezzables.

After all 6 mezzables are locked down, the raid will move to the first off tank position (NE corner, north side). This mob will be fought down to 4-5%, and then locked down by the MT/Off tank, and kept in that position. The snare class in his group will constantly snare the councilman, making sure that he doesn't run off to his buddies in case the OT dies. The non-mezz will be placed also at the NE corner, but closer to the east away from the other councilman so the off tanks aren't getting hit by both AE's. The remaining 4 councilmen will be positioned around the East to SE of the platform. Unlike the last raid we did on them, we will be locking down the 5th councilman like the others. We will then take the 6th councilman down, and once he gets to 70%, call for the off tanks to start attacking their targets again. If the off tanks get the mob to 1%, and the 6th is not yet at 10%, they will halt attacks again until the final councilman is down to 5%. At this time, we will go all out DPS on the 6th council member until it is dead, and move on to the closest off tank group, taking down the next councilman, and do this until all 6 of the non-mezzed are dead. From here, the MT will go & take down the first of the mezzed mobs, calling assist early to get the mob dead quick, and continue around until all are dead. We have 7 minutes from the first death to kill the other 11.

Arbitor of Earth: Once the 11th councilman is being tanked, the bards will go up to the Arbitor's platform & wait for him to spawn. Once he has spawned, they will cast HoS on him and kite him around while any rezz/rebuffs happen. After all are rezzed & rebuffed, everyone will meet on the east part of the platform and the MT will go in & AE taunt the arbitor. From there, it's just basic strong CH chain on the MT, and keeping the dots cured.


A Rathe Councilman's spell: Earthen Vengeance
Arbitor of Earth's spell: Marl







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