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Bloodmoon Keep Strat

Bloodmoon Keep, solo and group tactics


Bloodmoon Keep is an excellent zone for enchanters. Its been a while since ive had as much fun in EQ as Ive had in this zone. Bloodmoon is a sign the Sony content designers have finally understood what players want.

This zone is a classic dungeon crawl. Its filled to the brim with adds and multi-pulls. And while group can succeed without an enchanter by having a monk pull sinlges to zone in, the exp rate will be slow due to how long it takes to split. Also, you wont get very far in before the 18minute respawn timer goes off. If you want to get to the back, where the better rares are you simply have to bring an enchanter.

I dont think even a bard could cover it. A couple times I had to lock and blur the mobs to let my group rez a critical member and recover mana. If you plan on hunting anwhere other than the zone in, id reccomend AE mez in your line up. The good news is the resists were on the low side even at 77.

Charm Strategies

The only charmable mobs in the zone are the worgs and theres about 6-8 orcs blocking your way. Some of them See invis, some dont.

The best way ive found to safely get a pet is using this method:

-Get SoE (not absolutely required but just get it)
-Summon an animation
-Use Eye of Zomm or Bind sight to get the target of a worg in the 1st pen along the south wall.
-If you are having trouble getting the worg targetted type /pet attack a wild worg, then spam pet back off. Now you can /assist your pet and get his worg target.
-Once you have the target, stand near the tree in the courtyard and hit /pet attack
-Pet will run off to aggro your worg, start spamming Nightmare Stasis as soon as you send the animation.
-A large number of mobs will be inc, among them your worg, spam cast Night Stasis on it and zone out VERY fast.
-Zone back in and pet will be waiting for you, works just about everytime.
-PS tell other ppl near the zone to clear the area...otherwise they arent going to be happy =/

Wing Strategies

NE wing, aka Jail - Here you will find Orcs that can no-fail snare you if you aggro them within its casting range. If you are pulling do so from max distance. Be aware that there are invisible mobs that dont appear until they are at your camp beating on something. These are called Bloodmoon Assassins and presumably they are rogues with the SoS AA. The assassins will also use rogue mez which can cause chaos if you arent used to it. Also some of the mobs can AE silence your group, though it has a very small radius. I cant figure out which ones do this but i think its the Ragers.

Rares include Warden Jaklor, Grawlthin, Vorash and Crawtooth. Any pat in the first hall if a ph for the Warden or Grawl or Craw. Ive only seen Vorash in the room just past the jail. If you are crawling this wing the pitmaster spawns a few places near the back. All in all this is a challenging wing but very rewarding.

East wing, aka Worg Pens - Orcs and worgs. None of them snare you but they are packed in tight and this makes pulling less than 3-4 unrealistic without some fancy footwork. If you are stuck pulling id recommend pulling with AE tash and then using pet as a speed bump back at camp while you AE mez the pile. Pull single mobs out of the pile of mezzed ones with BDB. Then use the stun > gorilla prod combo to break mez and send pet.

Rares include Horak, Ralfin, Crawtooth and Balkor the Knife. Horak and Ralfin are most common since they spawn near the zone in the worg area. Worgs are charmable and make fantastic pets. This is a very hard wing due to the sheer number of mobs and the fast re spawn. Somewhat less rewarding than the Jail but its a lot more intense on enchanters. Good exp as well.

I finally learned how to pull that evil east wing, it basically REQUIRES you have a charmed pet. I gave up on attempting to split and instead decided to fall back on our ample ae repertoire. Basically I learned how to pull the "piles" individually. Then i would pull with ae tash, the mobs would get hung up on the door way for just a moment, just long enough to bunch them up perfectly, then I send in pet. All the mobs will be on pet but that's ok cuz you have ae mez inc which lands near 100% with tashed mobs.

For pull junkies who are interested here's the details:

-The first pull is is a double, wait for the pat to leave and pull the first mob, 2 will come.

-Then you pull the pat single.

-Then you pull the pile due east, straight out of the hall this will be 4, pull with ae tash, send in pet then ae mez.

-Then you pull first southern worg pen. DO NOT linger or you will aggro! Run in tag the pen and run out real fast.

-Then you pull the triplet just north of the doorway, this is the hardest pull you have to move your ass to get in front of them.

-After that you have a wide open area to split the rest of the zone. You can use (abuse) Beguilers for the rest of the mission / group

North West wing aka Undead - I have little experience with this wing but I know that the mobs are immune to stun which made soloing them a pita and basically unproductive when compared to the orcs. Ive not seen any named undead near the zone, but i have seen a few way back, Fallstaff the Observer or something I think it was called.

*Update* as far as I can tell this wing is only good for farming that uber necro dot and doing the spiritvoid earring quest.

One thing ive noticed about SoF, in this zone at least, is that the mobs are starting to become more distinct based on their class. Ive already mentioned that the rogue mobs can SoS and mez, the Warrior mobs have about 2x the hps of the other mobs and the ragers (berzerkers presumably) can flurry and snare. The caster mobs are gimps still of course. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but they made it so caster mobs don't auto learn dispel a few patches back. Dispell was the only real annoyance that caster mobs had, dispelling charm and snare at the same time usually is ouchies.

Regardless of what wing you decide to tackle, I strongly suggest you charm a worg. The dps will be very welcome since these mobs have a high number of hps. If you cant find a tank, Charm duoing will probably be better exp than solo in the long run. You will need heals if you want to take down the named's because the named's are immune to Stun, Mez and Root which pretty much makes them unsoloable, also they can summon...

Instanced Bloodmoon

Another trick my guild has been taking advantage of is the instanced versions of bloodmoon.

On Fennin Bloodmoon has become "The New KC" where trains have become common place due to the difficulty of the mobs compounded with the sheer volume of them. Add in the fact that "controlled trains" are needed to get a worg pet out of the east wing and you have the ingredients for a lively zone!

Anyway's we normally exp in the instanced version of this zone, you can request the instance with no prior factioning from Larquin Fangbreaker at the quest huts in Loping Plains. The first 2 missions in his series provided you with a fully spawned "East" or Worg Pens depending on what your server calls it.

There's no repops but that's np because there are tons of mobs. I found these instances to be an excellent training ground for myself as well as some of the more junior members in my guild. The entrance in that zone seems intentionally designed to kite so we did some of that since sometimes we don't have a tank on.

There aren't any rare mobs in the instances but there are some rare drops. You can get a decent 125mana aug off any mob here rarely, also trade skill rares can drop as well, which are selling like hotcake's atm.

All in all, instances are a great place to grind if your favorite camp in the normal Bloodmoon is taken.

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