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The Steam Factory Strat

The Steam Factory is by far the easiest of the Tier3 zones. Nothing sees invis and theres charm fodder readily available in a couple different areas.

Most of my experience in this zone was farming the Slavemaster in the Mino Slave Pit area. Heres the basic strat we used:

Group -

War - Most aas, SoF level gear.
Pal (my box, mostly idle except for patch heals)
Enc - me

Our basic strat was to invis down to the prep hallway just before the Catwalks above the mine and use this as base camp. There's a blue con mino right there wait for you if you choose to charm. We used the pet for dps, which quads for 1422 and has a lot of HPs. Low MR on the minos and with tash the charms were lasting as long you could hope for. Just wait for the pats to move out and Flash the mino. Then tash snare and charm. Unless you have a lot of HPs I probably wouldn't recommend using a pet w/o charm, if you do make sure not to get hit =/

I ended up having to pull which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Most of the catwalk mobs are solo and when you are done with those start pulling the mine area. For lack of a better idea I was pulling with AE mez, and running whatever resisted mez back to camp. Then once the camp fight was under control i would run down and ae mem blur the others. A little crude perhaps, but it proved to be an effective way to break up the spawns.

From what I can tell, any mino in the pit area is a PH for the slavemaster and presumably, Ironhorn. We got the Slavemaster to spawn twice during our first foray into this zone. The slavemaster hits like a truck and will FD proc on your tank which is highly annoying. each time we fought him it took all of our healing and we barely won, one time the pet actually finished him off when everyone else was dead. I think the pet is immune to the FD proc or maybe the AI stands him up instantly, im not real sure on the details there.

While I was waiting for my group to return and rez I figured I would try to keep the catwalk clear. I was able to solo the blue minos as well as the yellow robos in the area without any problems. All mobs there are slowable, rootable, and stunnable. Solo i was getting 23% per kill. From what I've seen named's are unsoloable. I think a creative necro could solo the entire catwalk area with the exception of the steam suit.

The only other oddity in that particular camp was a Red Con steam suit that spawned at the end of the catwalk. I assumed this was a ph so we regularly cleared it. Its slowable and snareable, but obviously our of stun range. Also it procs a frontal AE that was kinda beefy so make sure your tank turns the mob appropriately.

Overall it was a really fun camp. The slavemaster dropped a couple steam cores which will be nice upgrades for my guild as well as a 390 hp melee earring and decent charm for casters if you haven't completed the oil can quest.

Ill post more strats for the other nameds and camps as I learn them.

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