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Enchanters Guide to POJ Trials

Thank you Veneficus Grieg and the rest of The Runes Community for making this guide possible!

Here's the revised guide for PoJ trials from the old message boards:

This following guide is brought to you by enchanters of The Runes community. Thanks goes out to all the enchanters that provided great insight and feedback to make this guide possible!

There are 6 different trials, each with somewhat the same them and range in difficulty. A rare spawn is possible for each trial and usually drops some nice loot. Be prepared you'll need a shaman and an enchanter for some, while mez' won't work in others (immune mobs). ALWAYS have a Res'r survive in case of accidents so you can get them back into the trial. Sucks to be left out right after a win cause the res'r went down on the final boss.

Typical Enchanter spell lineup for trials:
Color Slant
Bedlam (Rune or Charm)
Dementia (or Insanity)
Forlorn Deeds
Howl of Tashan
Arcane Rune

To start any trial just go to the appropriate Tribunal and have group leader say "I am prepared" followed with a "We are prepared to take the <trialname>".

Trial of Execution (Easiest Difficulty)
This requires high DPS. There is an NPC up on the chopping block and the Executioner walks up and will kill him (takes roughly 2 min I think). The way to prevent this is by killing one of the spawns, which restarts the Executioner over again. Some people like to AE this with Wizards, Bards (for AE slows and DoTs), etc. You can AE Color stun, but watch out for the rocks as their immune and you'll take some blows. There are 4 waves of 4 spawns then a final boss (Rock guy) pops. Hits for around 700 dmg but is slowable. Note: He also has a surprise, that he sometimes mez's your cleric so be prepared just in case.

Slowable: All
Mezzable and Stunnable: Scaly things
Non-mezzable (rootable) Non-Stunnable: Rock things

Trial of Lashing (Moderate Difficulty)
This is another trial that requires good DPS. Slower is a must. Basically what happens is that 4 mobs will spawn. Get these under control with mez's or charm depending on your mana charming instead of mezzing can work a lot better. One strategy is to mezz 1 mob then charm one and set him on the mob the group is not fighting. While you're killing the adds the Scourge will spawn who has a whipping fetish. He hits for 260's and is non-targetable.

Now, the goal of this trial is to kill the Scourge... the answer as to how to kill a non-targetable mob is in the text The Tribunal says when you start the trial. Look for the “Lifeforce” mobs (they're like Shadowmen, invisible) and have one person go and kill them off. When they die it will de spawn and get the Scourge off your back for awhile. Boss spawns at the end, AE's for 250 and hits for 600+ but is slowable.

Slowable: All
Mezzable's: All
Non-mezzable: none

Trial of Suffocation (Moderate Difficulty)
Run to a room where "Pain and Suffering" is behind some prisoners in shackles. Pops will start and all the mobs are non-mezzable (this is pure melee and slowing). You'll need to root mobs off of the healers. After beating the first wave of four, the second wave begins. This is composed of three more mobs, 2 Robed ones and a Scaly mob. This was the end of the road for us as we had no shaman, and cleric died.

Slowable: All
Mezzable's: NONE
Non-mezzable (rootable): ALL

Trial of Hanging (Moderate Difficulty)
Once again its all in the DPS for this one. You race against the clock on this one and you need to pay attention to the dialog. Three Mobs spawn, one of them is always an elemental called something like “Spirit of Suffocation” though a named “Phantom of Asphyxiation” can also pop. The other two mobs are random. You need to kill the named. Then work on the others.

Trial of Stoning (Moderate Difficulty)
As with the others, its about killing fast. 2 Archers will be on the opposite side of the room with 3 prisoners shackled opposite. 4 mobs will spawn and be a combination of Spectres and Rocks. The Spectres are Mezzable, the rocks aren't. Killing a Rock can result in spawning more spectres, so kill the specters before killing the rocks. There are 4 waves, then a boss.

Mezzable: Spectres
Non-Mezzable: Rocks (rootable)
Slowable: All

Trial of Flame (Hardest Difficulty)
This is the most difficult of the trials. 4 Mobs will spawn and start heading to the middle Pole. If they reach that pole they will do an AE that is Firebased (Buff Fire resists for this one just in case). If they remain stuck to that pole too long the trial will fail. Right as they pop, pull them to your group (need at least 2 pullers). Their pathing can be horrible at times, so this can be difficult. Most are AE Stunnable and Charmable, just be careful when Named pop since they are immune. There are 3 waves then the final boss. The final boss is slowable.






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