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Being a Raid Enchanter 402 - Prt2

Being a Raid Enchanter 402 - Earning your PhD
Written by Veneficus Grieg

Part 2


This part of the guide continues into the details of being a Raid Enchanter by focusing on Game Mechanics, Spell lines, and Enchanter roles.

Game Mechanics

EQ has always been mysterious in the mechanics department. It took a year before it was even acknowledged that Charisma played a role in Mez and Charm resists. Here are some facts that have been discovered (thanks goes out to Nanyea for this info) on the role that Charisma takes:

"Charm does an initial check that consists of a level of caster vs level of mob modified by MR.
Charisma affects this by adding a modifier to the MR approx 10 percent of your total charisma.. so a 300 chr enchanter gets a bonus neg 30 check. After the initial charm land..theres a per tick check based off the server clock.. ie the clock checks every 6 seconds according to the server and say your charm lands on second 4 of that 6... the mob gets a chance to break again in 2 seconds.. that's how you get instant or early breaks that don't last a full tick."

Skills like Total Domination modify the charm break by changing the interval in which charm breaks are calculated:
Total Domination 1 has a check every second tick.
Total Domination 2 has a check every 3rd tick.
Total Domination 3 has a check every 4th tick.

Understanding the Spell Arsenal

To use a spell to its best effectiveness on a raid, its important to know the details of what spells to use in which situations. There are five types of spells that enchanters use these are Crowd Control, Buffs, Dmg Absorbers, Aggro Balancing, and Debuffs. This section will give some info on each of these.

Crowd Control
These are what allows enchanters to turn the tide of impossible to possible. The most powerful of all our abilities is to remove a mob from combat, and locking it down preventing it from dealing damage. The high level mez spells and their duration are as follows:

Bliss (Up to level 68) - 54 Seconds
Sleep (Up to level 65) - 54 Seconds
Apathy (Up to Level 62) - 54 Seconds
Rapture (Up to Level 61) - 42 Seconds
Dazzle (Up to level 55) - 96 Seconds

When raiding its important to know what mobs are mezzable by which line of spells. For events that all the mobs are lower level, there is no need to mem Bliss when Apathy will do just as good and costs less mana. Sleep is one of the more useless additions, if you're going to need to mez mobs that are 62+ its better to just mem Bliss as the mana cost between the two is very small. Same goes for mobs that are even lower in level, its more mana efficient to use Dazzle (96 seconds long) for its long duration and better mana cost. You shouldn't need to have more than 2 different mez spells up at one time.

For high risk pulls where resists could end in disaster, Rapture is an excellent choice if the mob is below level 61. The mez is almost guaranteed to land without a tash since the -200 resist adjustment, then just overwrite with another mez for easier upkeep.

The overwriting of mez's is a great trick for switching to lower, better mana efficient mez's when necessary as well. If there is a large mix of level ranges of mobs pulled, use Bliss to lock down that level 55 Mob right after you mez the level 64 one. Then overwrite the 55 Mob with a dazzle for better mana efficiency.

Charming is also a great method of Crowd Control, albeit riskier. It effectively removes a mob from the fight, typically for a longer period of time than a mez would last, while adding damage. The strategy of charming is something that we won't go into in this guide however.

This line of spells are pretty self explanatory. Hasting tanks increases their damage output, thus shortening the length of fights. Voices of Quellious, Tranquility, and Kodiac's Endless Intellect all increase mana regen for damage dealing casters and healers. This is what we do in between pulls and occasionally during as people die.

Damage Absorbers
Typically most enchanters stick to the role of just Mezzing and Buffing. Something that sets a great enchanter apart from an average one is in the use of the Rune line of spells. Here are the high level Rune spells and the amount of damage absorbed:

Arcane Rune (self only)- 1500 hp
Rune of Zebuxurok - 850 hp
Uproar - 425 hp

When tanks get low, sometimes the healer just won't be fast enough. By keeping an eye on your group and other tanks hit points, you can play the role as a support healer of sorts. With Quick Buff the casting time of Rune of Zebuxurok will surprise you, and get you the admiration of many tanks when it saves them long enough for that Cheal to land.

A great way to see if someone might need a rune is to /assist on a Mob and check the health of the tank. If its dropping pretty fast, and you get that feeling a heal isn't going to land in time toss in a rune to help. Just beware that the aggro generated can be considerable if you use Rune of Zebroxurok, so be sure to Boggle after to erase the aggro generated. Uproar is a low aggro generation spell, but also not very useful on mobs that hit for 800+. Once again, depending on the situation use the spell that best fits.

Lastly, Arcane Rune is something that you should always have up. Hands down one of our best spells in game. With a slowed mob you can effectively tank better than most chain classes by chain casting it on yourself in between swings.

Aggro Balancing
The Visage line was added during the Luclin expansion. It had a great effect for the long boss fights (typically 15+ minutes) of that expansion, since consistently casting an aggro increase or decrease over a period of time really starts to add up. The two types of Aggro spells are as follows:

Glamorous Visage (Decrease aggro 10%)
Horrifying Visage (Increase aggro 10%)
Boggle (Self Decrease Hate by 500)

Referring back to the balance scale from part 1, the Glamour Visage spell acts much the same as Spell Casting Subtlety, only its a temporary buff that lasts 36 seconds with a 24 second recast. For Priest classes, this spell is actually very useful since they do not have get the AA of Subtlety. On big boss fights, this can be the difference between you clerics getting summoned right when that main tank goes down vs. rangers (RANGER DOWN!) and other less critical classes. Cheal generates a large amount of aggro, and keeping their aggro gain below that of other classes can be critical, especially on mobs that slow. Reducing tanks dmg output effectively lowers their hate generation, thus making the clerics move up faster on the aggro scale than tanks.

The Horrifying Visage line isn't one that is much used if you have a Shadow knight around. Their aggro increasing spell is 50% more effective than ours. This spell is used on the Main Tank to allow his aggro to stay on top, and prevent others from being summoned.

Boggle!? “This is Chewbacca. Why would a wookie live on Endor!? It doesn't make SENSE!” Okay, enough of the Wookie defense and onto the details. This spell is a new addition with Planes of Power. It acts in the same way that Concussion works for Wizard, it reduces you on the Aggro scale. As mentioned in Part 1 of this guide, it has its use when managing personal aggro and helping to reduce your tanking time. Another little known fact is that its also an excellent pulling spell. You cast this on a mob, it'll put you at -500 aggro and the mob will come after you. However, all the tank has to do is just give the mob a dirty look to put his aggro to +1 and gain insta aggro onto himself. Be aware of how much the spells you are casting are generating in aggro, then boggle in between. Typically I boggle between each cast of Rune of Zeb, but only Boggle once every 3 casts of Insanity.

Reducing the effectiveness of a mob can greatly affect a fight. Many mobs have special abilities such as RAMPAGE and FLURRY which rely on an AGI check. By landing debuffs you can reduce the amount that a mob uses these abilities. Here are our two best debuffs available and their effects:

Asphyxiate - (Damage over Time also)
Decrease STR by 42
Decrease AGI by 42

Decrease DEX by 70
Decrease AGI by 80
Decrease STR by 80
Decrease AC by 34

What many enchanters don't know, is that with the DoT stacking code that has been put in place Asphyxiate now stacks with multiple enchanters. Four enchanters stacking Asphyxiate can dramatically reduce a mobs AGI (-168) STR and AC. Thus make a large impact on hard hitting mobs dps while reducing its AC and allow melee classes to hit harder (increasing upping damage per second).

Cripple, another of our best debuffs, with its DEX debuff can be seen to dramatically reduce FLURRY and RAMPAGES. This particular debuff line is shared by Shamans.

Enchanter Roles

The main roles an Enchanter takes in a Raid are closely tied to their spell lines. Typically an average enchanter will perform at least two of these roles during a raid. A highly skilled enchanter can perform them all. These roles are Buffer, Crowd Controller, Backup Healer, and Damage Dealer.


This deals with the casting buffs on request and acting as a support class. While its not one of the most exciting and glorified roles we have on raids, its one of the most beneficial to a raid. Even when mobs are totally magic immune (no mez or nukes) we can still contribute by enhancing our comrades damage and mana regeneration.

Crowd Controller

Mez'n is our forte. Managing and maintaining mez's without breaks (not due to mezz breakers) is the primary focus of this role. Knowing when to recast that mez, and pushing it out to the end while maintaining good mana levels is what's important here. An ingame Timer is a great way to push a mez close to the end of a duration before recasting while accounting for the chance of a resist.

Backup Healer

As described in the Damage Absorbers section of the "Understanding the Spell Arsenal" section of this document, using runes are a great way to helping out. Watching the rate at which tanks lose hit points, and knowing when to cast are critical to this role.

Damage Dealer

Enchanters as damage dealers!? Who would have thought, but it's very true in certain situations. Our charm line makes us the highest damage out putters in the game in some cases. Knowing how to effectively manage a Command of Druzzil'd pet, and still take on other roles is something that is impressive in itself. Even just getting a Dire Charmed pet, and having it add some damage to the fight while still taking buff requests, and mez'n adds is another.


I hope this guide has given you a good overview of what a Raid Enchanter is capable of. I'm sure there are many other ways strategies and tricks that go into being a great Raid enchanter that I haven't touched upon here. Perhaps in a future version of the Guide I will include more after feedback from you. =)






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