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Guide - Organizing Your Spellbook

By FanDancer - aka Zmatil of Stromm


As a newbie chanter I had little reason to worry about how my spell book looked, it was a case of throw it in there and start levelling again. However by level 20 I looked aghast at the mess inside my book and sat down to get things in order again. The realisation that soon hit me was that keeping my book organised was going to get even harder as I progressed especially when I got to level 49 and was thumped by the largest group of spells we get for any level.

A glance at Allakhazam’s spell listing for enchanters makes most other classes green with envy. We have one of the largest collections of spells available to us but that comes at the cost of having to be highly organised or our books quickly degenerate into a quagmire. When I first started out levelling my gnome enchanter Zmatil, I looked around for advice on how I should set out my spell book. I found a huge amount of detailed information on what spells people keep in their gem slots. And I also found some advice on how to group spells and lay out those groups in my book to make it easier to find them. But all of that advise on spells books was very general, no-one just sat down, started at the top left corner of page 1 and wrote out how they had laid their own spell book out. That is what this guide is intended to do.

This guide is not an attempt to define the perfect way to format an enchanter’s spell book. I do not expect anyone to agree with how I have laid out my spells or to use it without making any changes or tweaks. All this guide is intended to do is offer the format as a starting point in which you can decide how to lay out yours. It is because of this that I don’t intend to go into lengthy notes explaining why I placed each spell as I have all I can say is that it made sense to me. Hopefully it may help you to reduce the days of brain ache it took me to figure out the best way to set out my own book.

Spell Location Code

Each spell has been allocated a location code which relates to its place in the spell book. The code is very simple, the first two numbers related to the page number and the letter signifies its position on that page. 01a is the top left corner of page 1. Moving down the first column we have 01b, 01c and at the bottom left corner we have 01d. At the top of the next column is 01e moving down to 01h. Over the books spine the numbers move to 02a for the top left of page 2, down to 02h for the bottom right of the last column. It’s a fairly simple system to figure out, even without an explanation.

In general I located spells by moving top to bottom, left to right, advancing up the levels in each group and type as I placed each spell. The only two areas where I differed from this is firstly in the illusions group, where I grouped similar spells together e.g. human races, short races, elf races, elementals, etc. Secondly I also changed the layout when I came to the Enchant group of spells, placing the single enchant spell in the left column of each page and the mass enchant spell of the same type next to its partner in the right column.


Spell Status Flags

Now my chanter has passed level 49 the cost of spells increases dramatically as I often have to fall back on buying my spells in the bazaar. A canny player will scan the bazaar market and try to acquire spell scrolls at rock bottom prices and squirrel them away for later. The danger of this is that I may buy a spell which I could have bought cheaply from a vendor or might buy more than one copy of a spell. In addition stockpiling spells soon packed out my bank space forcing me to pass the spell scrolls onto a banker mule or alt to free up space. This made keeping track of my advance purchases even more difficult. To alleviate this problem I added a status flag to each spell entry to aid me when bargain hunting in the bazaar. In addition I added flags to remind me of the different methods of acquiring each spell so that I don’t waste time hunting for a no-drop spell scroll in the bazaar which can only be gotten via a quest. I hope this extra feature is of use to you as well.




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