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How to be a Sympathetic Troll

How to be a Sympathetic Troll
Contributed by Bethene of The Runes

First, pick a position contrary to that of the majority. A classic example, an oldy but a goody, 'Charisma doesn't affect mez resist rates'. Other, more topical subjects may spring immediately to mind.

Second, offer really crappy reasons for this thinking. Offer up zero proof in the form of parses, instead, just offer anecdotal evidence in the form of assertions. As an example: "I know charisma doesn't affect mez resist rates because I was able to mez a monster in WoS while I was naked and unbuffed! My charisma must have been like 11 dude, and I still landed that mez!'

Third, when people shoot down your pathetic examples, tell them it is because their gear and skills are so sucky compared to yours that you may as well be playing a different game.

now that the entire community is pissed off, act as though you were just enjoying your freedom of speech, and why is it so wrong to have a different opinion? Display your 'valid' questions, like 'Why do you guys all suck?' and 'Charisma is for pussies, are you a pussy?' Revel in your self-righteousness against the hordes of ignorance!

Hope this helps






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